Graduate School of Global Food Resources Hokkaido University

Admission Information

Admission Policy

Under the four basic principles (Frontier Spirit, Global Perspectives, All-round Education, Practical Learning), Graduate School of Global Food Resources needs students who

  • Acquire both wide perspectives of a global scale and deep understanding on local societies,
  • Are aware of the importance of food, water, and land resources necessary for the 21st century’s strategy for survival
  • Have the noble spirit willing to throw away their selfishness and contribute to human society.

We also encourage students who

  1. Desire to apprehend and solve problems from both humanity-and-science perspectives.
  2. Want to receive hands-on practical education in both national and international settings.
  3. Eager to search, find, solve, recommend and examine the problems on their own.
  4. Acquire pioneer spirits and want to succeed in the global society.
  5. Determine to develop communication skills, working skills in team, and ability to take actions.
  6. Seek the diverse practical job opportunities, not only in the research academia.