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Lectures Offered in English

HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY Graduate School of GLOBAL FOOD RESOURCE offers all lectures in English because students aspiring to thrive on the world stage must become able to speak English outside Japan without hesitation. In particular, learning from various English-speaking faculty members from abroad will help students enhance their English language skills.  Doctoral and master’s thesis and their examination will also be handled by English.

Faculty members invited from abroad (tentative)

University of California, Davis Roger Brett Boulton (Wine Enology)
Shota Atsumi (Synthetic Biology)
Robert Hackman (Nutrition Science)
 University of Wisconsin-Madison Brian Grant Fox (Biochemistry)
 Kasetsart University Methee Kaewnern (Fishery Resources Management)
Iowa State University Lance H. Baumgard (Livestock Management)
Agricultural Research for Development Philippe Karpe (African Rural Politics)