Graduate School of Global Food Resources Hokkaido University

Current Students & Alumni

Career Paths

The Graduate School of Global Food Resources produces individuals who are capable of comprehending global food resources issues and can play a leading role, and sends them out into the world as professionals working in governmental agencies, private companies and overseas aid organizations. Places of employment include private agricultural machinery/food-related companies and governmental agencies, such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of the Environment, as well as private think tanks and general trading houses.
Students can continue with the doctoral-degree program to get a job at private and public research institutions.

There are various career options that meet individuals’ desires.

Governmental type

Students who are interested in considering the future of food, water and soil resources and affairs on export-import and food policies

Governmental agencies
Local governments
Various public bodies

Research type

Students who hope to academically deepen the study of food resources

Research institutions
Think tanks

Industrial type

Students who hope to contribute to industrial progress based on the knowledge and technology they have acquired

Food system-related companies
Sanitation-related companies
Trade business, service/tourist business
General trading houses, others

International cooperation type

Students who hope to resolve global food issues and hunger/poverty problems in the developing countries

International organizations