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2021 【For International Students】 Master’s Course / Doctoral Course Application Guidelines has been released.

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Action and the request of the Graduate School of Global Food Resources (GFR) upon Level 3 designation of HU’s BCP against the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Message to GFR students On April 20, yesterday, the level of the University’s BCP against the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infections was raised from 2 to 3. Based on this, I would like to inform the GFR students the following matters; 1. Limitations to the access to campus and the facility It is prohibited to access and enter the University’s building and the facility as a general rule. Please refrain from going out of your home unnecessarily and urgently, and please study at home. Access to the laboratory for experiments etc. is limited to cases of research activities described in Level 3 of the BCP at the following […]

The immediate response and request as the Graduate School of Global Food Resources in regards to COVID-19 infections. (For students)

Message to GFR students To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, a message “Act responsibly during coronavirus outbreak” was sent to all Hokkaido University students by Director Akira Hasegawa / Vice President on 9th April. Please check this content from the following link again.Click here Based on this, I would like to inform you about the immediate response and request as the Graduate School of Global Food Resources. 1. Those who are currently staying outside Hokkaido If you move from outside Hokkaido to Sapporo, please stand by at home for two weeks.Please be aware of your health conditions enough while standing by.It is also in response to the request of […]

Aquamou becomes first Japanese team to win Hult Prize Regional Summit

 Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University’s Aquamou, a team comprised of four Hokkaido University students, has become the first team from Japan to win at one of the Regional Summits. They will be advancing to the next stage in the Hult Prize competition, the Accelerator in London, this summer.  Ms. Rina Tsuboi in the 2nd year of a Master’s degree in GFR has been supporting the team as the Campus Director of Hokkaido University.  Click here for more details!

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