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Support for student life

Support for student life

If it is difficult to pay admission and tuition fees due to economic reasons including as a result of natural disasters such as storms and floods, students may be granted exemption or postponement of payment.
In addition, students may receive financial support through a scholarship system of the Japan Student Services Organization or various other institutions.

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Living places

Hokkaido University has student dorms, including Keiteki-ryo for male and female undergraduate students, male graduate students and male international students, Sosei-ryo for female undergraduate/graduate students and female international students, and Hokkaido University International House Kita 23-jo Bldg. 2 for female graduate and international students.
Hokkaido University CO-OP Room Guide in the Clark Memorial Student Center on the Sapporo Campus provides a service to help students to find an apartment or other living places.