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2018 Master’s Course (Second-Term Exam) Application Guidelines has been released.

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Year: 2017

Wandervogel Study I Report will be held on Monday, July 31!

The students will report on what they learned in Denmark. After the presentation, a consultation meeting for undergraduates will be scheduled. Please don’t hesitate to join us!! 〈Date〉7/31 (Mon) 14:00~18:00 〈Location〉Research Center of Food Resources F319 〈For〉Everyone, especially those who are interested in Graduate School of Global Food Resources 〈Language〉English ※No application required, Admission free, In and out entrance in the middle. 〈 Schedule 〉 14:00 Opening Remarks 14:05 Group Presentation – the first half – (30 minutes each)                Presentation 1 “Overview of Danish Agriculture”                Presentation 2 “The solution for nitrogen pollution in Denmark”                Presentation 3 “Farmers Consultancy in Denmark” 15:35 Break, and Short Video about Our Life in Denmark 15:55 Group Presentation – the […]