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Prospective Students

The Master’s Course

Important Notice

  1. The enrollment period of the Master’s Course is only in April every year.
  2. Applicants are required to make contact with a preferred academic advisor before submitting application materials. Contact information of each professor is listed on the “Staff” page.
  3. 【For General Admissions applicants】 (Updated 2022.10.25)
    Applicants are required to take English proficiency (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.) test in advance.
    Please make sure to request the application guidelines (booklet) when applying.
    The application guidelines (booklet) will be available from mid-November
    * To prevent an infection of COVID-19, there is a possibility that the examination will be carried out with different contents from Application Guidelines, or the examination will be postponed or canceled.
  4. 【For General Admissions applicants and International Students】
    (Updated on 2022.2.9)
    We would like to inform you about the official English certificate for aplications after the 2023 entrance examination.
    English proficiency can be improved by English education after enrolling in the Graduate School of Global Food Resources. However, considering that it is necessary to take a wide variety of lecture subjects early after enrollment, the following scores are desirable as an effort target. Please try to get more than a point.
     ・ TOEIC L & R 700 points or more
     ・ TOEFL-iBT 72 points or more
     ・ IELTS band score 5.5 points or higher
    * The above is an outline, and details should be confirmed in the application guidelines for each selection.


2023 April Enrollment 

                                                       Updated on  2022.6.8
Selection Release
Preliminary Review
Application Period Examination Period Application Guidelines
Application Form
General  Admissions

6/20-6/24 7/11-7/15 8/22-8/23 MC Statement of Applicatnt’s Reason for Applying
For International Students*2 mid-Jul.
9/9-9/15 9/9-9/15 10/14-11/11 MC Personal History
Application for Admission
Statement of Applicatnt’s Reason for Applying
Certificate of English Proficiency
General Admissions
2/1 MC Statement of Applicatnt’s Reason for Applying
    1. Applicants who have graduated from university (including prospects)       are not required to apply for a preliminary examination. For details,           please check on the application guidelines.
2. This selection is for individuals whose regidents are not in Japan, and       whose circumstances make it difficult to come to Japan to take the               entrance examination.

Requesting the Application Guidelines (booklet) *in Japan only

The application guidelines (booklet) of general category are available at the address below.
If you request the guidelines by mail, send an envelope with “Request for the application guidelines for the Master’s Course of the Graduate School of Global Food Resources” written in red ink on the envelope to the address below. The envelope should contain a self-addressed stamped envelope (24 cm × 33.2 cm; be sure to write your zip code, address and name, and use stamps to the value of 210 yen for standard mail or 470 yen if you would like express mail).

Student Affairs Section, Administrative Office of Agriculture and Global Food Resources, Hokkaido University
Kita 9, Nishi 9, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8589, Japan