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Wandervogel Study in Global Food Resources II

Myanmar (scheduled for about two weeks)

Food resources problems in developed countries

Developing countries face various food and agricultural issues, such as low productivity and the degradation of environment including water and forest resources. In Myanmar, smallholder farmers produce rice and beans, but the production technology, transportation, human resources, are still not adequate. Myanmar is experiencing a rapid economic growth, however, those food resource problems need solution.

Goals of practical training

Wandervogel Study is a practical study on global food resource issues on site. This will provide students opportunities to recognize and understand the problems in Myanmar, and students are encouraged to participate in the collaborative work with Myanmar students. Throughout this collaborative work, students conduct research and analysis, and withdraw solutions and suggestions to the global food resource issues.

Characteristics of practical training

In Wandervogel II, we visit Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar to study about current problems on Agriculture, Fishery, and Environment. The study will focus on the development of agricultural production technology, transportation of rice, and environmental issues in coastal area.