Graduate School of Global Food Resources Hokkaido University

Prospective Students



Aiming to dedicate to improve human happiness in developing- and developed-world, we investigate the sustainable management and the recycling of resources for food production and food security. The word “resources” includes the quality and the quantity of soil, land and water. To achieve this goal, we study here the monitoring, the comprehending and the evaluation of the resources. Moreover, we explore the management strategies of energy flow and material cycles in both Anthroposphere and Pedosphere.

Our middle range research plan for the next five-years are;

(1) To develop sensing technology for monitoring the resources in different scales. Material flows are elucidated qualitatively and quantitatively on spatio-temporal scales: from atomic to global, and from femto second to centennial.

(2) To understand the influence of human activity on the earth, and investigate the control methods of resources in sustainable manners. From the standpoint of science and technology, methodologies of condensation of resources, elimination of micro-pollutants and pathogens, used water reuse, and recovery of resources from human and livestock excreta are developed as the management for resource recovery.

(3) To evaluate the resource diversity in Anthorphsphere and Pedosphere for the quantification of their resilience. Criteria towards sustainable human society structures are studied with the governance group.