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Sensor Engineering, Environmental Mediation, Environmental Science
in charge

Environmental Sciences in Global Food Resources
Soil and Water Management
Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
Environmental Management
Wandervogel Study in Global Food Resources III
Preparations and Analyses for Wandervogel Study Trip III
Wandervogel Research Internship in Global Food Resources V
Seminar in Global Food Resources I
Seminar in Global Food Resources II
Dissertation Research in Global Food Resources I
Leadership and Career Skills in Global Food Resources
Research Communication in Global Food Resources
Fundamental Sciences for the Students from Arts and Humanities

Selected research publications
  1. Surface Plasmon Resonance for Detecting Clenbuterol: Influence of Monolayer structure
  2. Effect of Alkanethiol Molecular Structure on Sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
  3. Highly selective and sensitive detection of beta-agonists using a surface plasmon resonance sensor based on an alkanethiol monolayer functionalzed on a Au surface
  4. Patterning of alkylamine molecules on HOPG surface using deep UV-light radiation
  5. Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Detection of beta-Agonists
  6. Detection of E.Coli. by Using a Three-Electrode-Sensor Chip
  7. Functionalized Alkanethiol Domain Structure Effect on Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing
  8. Reduction of nitrate on electrochemically pre-reduced tin-modified palladium electrodes
  9. Development of automatic total sensing system for detection of illegal chemical
  10. Uric acid detection using electrochemical sensor chip
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We are collaborating with overseas universities to develop biosensor and environmental remediation technologies - environmental technologies closely relating to food production. We also engage in the development of sensing systems to ensure food safety and promote research to extract useful matter from food production by-products.

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