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Biochemistry, Microbial Sciences, Protein Sciences
in charge

Production in Global Food Resources
Wandervogel Research Internship in Global Food Resources V
Sustainable Production
Special Lecture in Global Food Resources
Diversity in Agriculture
Special Lecture in Global Food Resources
Seminar in Global Food Resources I
Seminar in Global Food Resources II
Dissertation Research in Global Food Resources I

Selected research publications

1. Multifunctional cellulase catalysis targeted by fusion to different carbohydrate-binding modules

2. Use of nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry to deduce selectivity of reaction in glycoside hydrolases

3. Development of a High Throughput Platform for Screening Glycoside Hydrolases Based on Oxime-NIMS

4. Active site and laminarin binding in glycoside hydrolase family 55

5. Evolution of substrate specificity in bacterial AA10 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases

6. Cellulolytic Streptomyces strains associated with herbivorous insects share a phylogenetically-linked capacity for the degradation of lignocellulose

7. Rapid Kinetic Characterization of Glycosyl Hydrolases Based on Oxime Derivatization and Nanostructure-Initiator Mass Spectrometry (NIMS)

8. Structure and function of abundantly secreted chitosanase SACTE_5457 from Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E

9. Biochemical properties and atomic resolution structure of a proteolytically processed β-mannanase from cellulolytic Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E

10. Miniaturized sequencing gel analysis for DNA footprinting

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