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Teruo SONE

Applied Microbiology
in charge

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Bio-production and Technology
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GMO, Food and Agriculture
Special Topics in Global Food Resources
Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing
Wandervogel Study in Global Food Resources II
Preparations and Analyses for Wandervogel Study Trip II
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Preparations and Analyses for Wandervogel Study Trip IV
Wandervogel Research Internship in Global Food Resources V
Seminar in Global Food Resources I
Seminar in Global Food Resources II
Dissertation Research in Global Food Resources I

Selected research publications
  1. The DNA damage signal transducer ortholog Mop53BP1 is required for proper appressorium differentiation and pathogenicity in Pyricularia oryzae.
  2. Fluorescent reporter analysis revealed the timing and localization of AVR-Pia expression, an avirulence effector of Magnaporthe oryzae.
  3. Solution structure of an avirulence protein, AVR-Pia, from Magnaporthe oryzae
  4. Structural characterization reveals the keratinolytic activity of an Arthrobacter nicotinovorans protease.
  5. Heterologous production, purification, and immunodetection of Magnaporthe oryzae avirulence protein AVR-Pia.
  6. Nonomuraea sp. ID06-A0189 inulin fructotransferase (DFA III-forming) gene: gene cloning, characterization and conservation among other Nonomuraea species.
  7. Homologous recombination causes the spontaneous deletion of AVR-Pia in Magnaporthe oryzae.
  8. Purification and characterization of phytase from Klebsiella pneumoniae 9-3B.
  9. Characterization of Inago1 and Inago2 retrotransposons in Magnaporthe oryzae.
  10. EGFP-Rhm51 foci enable the visualization and enumeration of DNA double-strand breaks in Magnaporthe oryzae.
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Food resources problems cannot be resolved in laboratories alone. I hope you will have the courage to go out into the field.

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